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Global Water Shortage: The Fracking Water Loss Theory!

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If you ever had reason to be alarmed about a looming threat to humanity this would be it!  This threat to our existence doesn't come from space!  It is not a virus or bacteria!  I am NOT talking about drinking water depletion do to usage!  I am referring to the unrecoverable disappearance of our fresh drinking water supply!   Have I got your attention?


In July of 2010 I purchased a beautiful 20 acre property in Alvarado, Texas.  What I loved most was the abundance of trees and the fully stocked pond!  At the time there were natural gas drilling operations everywhere you turned!  In some areas there had to be 20 or more active operations per square mile.  The landscape was littered with drilling rigs, pumping stations, and well heads!  The nearest location to me was just off the property line!  I figured, out of sight, out of mind!  That would soon change!

The first year on the property was great!  I enjoyed the pond mostly and caught several large catfish.  The water level remained almost unchanged until sometime in June of 2011.  By the end of 2011 the pond had turned into a puddle!  It was a hot year with very little rain so I attributed the low water level to evaporation.  This is to be expected and fluctuations do correspond to rainfall totals.


Over the next several years I monitored the pond water level carefully.  What I noticed was alarming!  It seemed that every year the water level would drop at an increasing rate.  It was now 2013 and we started having tremors on a regular basis.  I remember one tremor in particular that seemed to hit especially hard vertically.  I got online to look for the origin and sure enough the epicenter was right under my house!


Now, I do not claim to be an engineer but rather an engineering technician!  As such, I have an overwhelming desire to find solutions to problems!  I did not want to believe the water level in my pond was dropping because of fracking and since then have determined  it was NOT the root cause!  It did, however, get me thinking and researching water problems in general.  What I came up with was way more disturbing than I ever imagined possible!  The degree to which I am disturbed should be evident in the captions of the illustration below!



What I postulated was quite simple:  If you drill a hole 8000 feet into the ground, water MUST seek the lowest point and run down that hole!  Isn't that brilliant?  Wait, there's more!  Now let's imagine inserting a drinking straw down that hole!  That's called a well casing!  Let us also imagine that we glue the straw into the hole!  It is important to understand that the straw is NOT inserted to the bottom and that it is NOT glued along its entire length!  Now, let's ask a series of questions and try to answer those questions.

Question 1:

Is there even a remote possibility that the glue bond holding the straw could break?


Answer 1:

Of course!  Anything can break!


Question 2:

What disturbance could possibly cause the glue bond to fail?


Answer 2:

Perhaps a violent seismic tremor located directly beneath the site!


Question 3:

What happens if the glue bond fails?


Answer 3:

All ground and aquifer water migrates down the outside of the straw to settle at the lowest point it can find 8000 feet below the surface!


Realistic Consequences


The consequences of such an attack on our fresh supply of drinking water are very real and hit us at our very core!  I have prayed that I am wrong even though I am not very religious!  I must admit, I am not wrong very often!  The illustration below shows what I believe to be happening beneath our feet!  I caution you!  It is scary!




I believe there is strong evidence to suggest that we could be facing a global catastrophe of the kind only found in the bible!  At the very least I hope this article makes it into the viewership of those who are capable of action!  According to there are over 1.1 million active wells in the US alone!  What is even more disturbing is that the government has known about the dangers of deep well hydraulic injection since 1962.  The Rocky Mountain Arsenal blunder is well known and commonly found in Engineering Orientation Textbooks as a reference for what NOT to do!  You can read about it here in the Stanford University archives:  Rocky Mountain Arsenal Deep Well Injection 1962




There is hope if we act NOW!  The ONLY possibility for the future of fresh drinking water lies with desalination plants built along the coastline!  It would be a costly endeavor but it is the ONLY way out if you want your children to have water in 20 years!  This presumes that hydraulic fracturing is immediately discontinued and that alternative means of energy production are steadfastly set in place!  A revolutionary inverterless method of localized power generation using wind and solar has been developed here:

These possibilities can only be realized with a strong show of support!  If you know someone in the scientific community or a public office share this article with them!

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Lee R. Surber


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